Industrial Automation and Automotive

Svapas Tech offers services in following areas

    Industrial Automation
  • Automatic grain seperation
  • Digital weighing and packing
    ECU Algorithm porting and Verification
    • Processor specific optimization
    • Test Harness development
    • Test Automation development
    Infotainment System Design and Development
    • Middleware and Software architecture
    • BSP, Device drivers, Connectivity, Middleware & application development
    • System testing across HAL, middleware and applications
    Hardware-In-Loop(HIL) Simulation
    • Verification and validation of ECU using HIL
    Software-In-Loop Simulation

We work with various automotive software tools such as

  • Matlab, Simulink┬«
  • Dspace and Polyspace
  • Lab View
  • Keil Simulators